EpoStar’s Orion EP160 SSD Controller Passes UNH-IOL NVMe Compliance Testing

EpoStar, an industry expert company in SSD technology, announces its SSD Controller Orion EP160 has successfully passed the NVMe Compliance and Interoperability Test at the UNH-IOL (University of New Hampshire, InterOperability Laboratory).

The UNH-IOL maintains a strong reputation for independent, vendor-neutral interoperability and standards conformance testing for networking and data communications products. The Lab recently validated that the Orion EP160 SSD Controller fully meets the NVM Express 1.2.1 specification compliance and interoperability tests.

The Orion EP160 SSD Controller is now part of the official NVMe integrator's list v7.0: .

The Orion EP160 SSD Controller is designed for client SSD market. It has EpoStar’s self-developed NVMe IP-Core, and PCIe solution provided by PLDA, an industry leader of PCI Express IP. The Orion EP160 also passes the PCI-SIG PCIe Compliance Test, and is part of the official PCIe integrators list: .


About EpoStar’s Orion EP160 SSD Controller:

About EpoStar’s NVME IP Core:

About PCIE/NVME solution:

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