Announce Orion EP160 - PCIe NVMe SSD Controller

EpoStar Electronics Corp. introduced a client PCIe NVMe SSD controller Orion EP160 with its turnkey solution.

The Orion controller features PCIe 3.0 by two lanes, 4-channel Flash, 8 CE per channel. Includes a proprietary NVMe core, the Orion passes compliance test and is on the UNH-IOL integrators list. It supports 2D/3D TLC/MLC NAND from all the major vendors by a powerful LDPC engine, and delivers up to 1.6 GB/s read and 1.3 GB/s write speed. Internal data path and memory are fully protected to ensure data integrity. DRAM interface is 16 DQ 1600MHz providing 3.2 GB/s bandwidth, and up to 1GB capacity. By supporting the HMB (Host Memory Buffer) standard, it can maintain good random IO performance in DRAM-less products. The turnkey firmware employs EpoStar patented FTL to extend SSD lifespan, achieve good reliability, and prevent data loss during sudden power off. One big advantage is that the Orion consumes low power which is 2W active and 2mW L1.2 resulting in low operational temperature. Combined with its built-in thermal sensors and IO throttling control capable of delivering reliable operations under diverse environments.  

EpoStar offers complete Turnkey packages and commits to customer service. The latest generation of 3D TLC-based turnkey solution will be ready in Q3 2017. While customers are looking for higher performance and start to migrate from SATA SSD to PCIe SSD, the Orion controller provides a reliable and cost-effective choice for client, industrial, notebook, and PC applications.

M.2 2280 SSD Module with Orion EP160
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