EpoStar has been assigned eight patents by Taiwan Intellectual Property Office.

EpoStar has been approved eight patents by Taiwan Intellectual Property Office. These technologies not only extend the SSD life cycle but also enhance the controller performance. All the methods were well applied in EpoStar Orion EP160 SSD controller and Libra SSD platform.


Patent Number: I595498, I592869, I597731
These technologies were developed for extending the SSD life cycle.

Patent Number: I592937
This technology was strengthened the ECC decoding capability.

Patent Number: I592800
This technology was applied to keep the data consistency.

Patent Number: I592865, I595356, I595412
These technologies were enhanced the NVMe throughput and performance.


Patent Number: TW I595498 (ESPD-2015-0003)
Patent Number: TW I592869 (ESPD-2016-0002)
Patent Number: TW I597731 (ESPD-2016-0005)
Patent Number: TW I592937 (ESPD-2016-0003)
Patent Number: TW I592800 (ESPD-2016-0007)
Patent Number: TW I592865(ESPD-2016-0009)
Patent Number: TW I595356 (ESPD-2016-0009)
Patent Number: TW I595412 (ESPD-2016-0010)
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