Orion EP160 SSD Controller PCIe Gen3x2 NVMe1.2
General Description

EpoStar’s Orion EP160 SSD Controller is designed and optimized for client SSD market. With two-lane PCIe 3.0 and four-channel high speed NAND Flash Interface, it delivers excellent IO performance, low power, and good reliability. User data integrity and Flash error correction are assured by full end-to-end data protection and a powerful ECC engine. The Orion comes with two TFBGA packages. One supports four-channel NAND Flash and DDR interface for SSD demanding high performance and big capacity. The other package removes DDR interface and targets low-cost DRAM-less SSD market with support of Host Memory Buffer defined in the NVMe v1.2 specification.

Key Features

2-lane PCIe 3.0
DDR3/DDR3L up to 1GB
4 Flash channels with 8 CEs per channel
+ Comply with NVMe v1.2
+ Support SR-IOV 1 Virtual Function, and 1 Physical Function

Support 1 to 8 Namespaces
Up to 2TB capacity per Namespace
Support SLC/MLC/TLC/3D NAND Flash, up to 533MT/sec
+ BCH/LDPC/Raid for Flash error correction

AES256, SHA, and PKE
Full End-to-End Data Protection
+ Support DRAM-less by Host Memory Buffer
+ Support Option ROM

+ Performance
     1.6 GB/sec Sequential Read
     1.2 GB/sec Sequential Write
     200K Read IOPS
     180K Write IOPS
+ Low Power
     Active power < 2W
     L1.2 power < 2mW
+ Reference Design Kit available